Publication and Media Work

I appeared in a film, “The War against Microbes,” (available online) produced in 2013 by Nobel Prize Media with Edward Gray Films (New York) and Kikim Media (Palo Alto) for PBS, as the sole interviewed representative survivor of diseases that are now preventable with vaccines.  This was televised in January, 2014.  They used photos in the film from my childhood polio days which will also be in my book.  Michael Schwarz of Kikim and Mr. Gray read chapters from a rough draft of Not a Poster Child, and Gray wrote, “You have a remarkable and unusual ability to convey what it was like to be a three-year old going through this experience, while at the same time bringing your adult perception to that experience.”  The filmmakers used my writing as prompts for the film interview.

Published writing includes:

“Sticky Wicket Memoir,” Women Writers–Women’s Books, April 25, 2019.

“Sticky Wicket Memoirs,” guest blog review of four memoirs for Cathy Zane, author of Better than This, April 15, 2019.

“Working Anyway: On Physical Challenges – Reflections from a Retiree,” Ms Career Girl, , October, 2018.

“How Does It Look When I Walk?” Rotary International Blog, Rotary Voices, September 25, 2018.

“Who Is that Poster Girl?” Rotary International Blog, Rotary Voices, August 15, 2018.

“[Behind the Book] Just Write–My Writing Group,” She Writes blog, July, 2018.

“What You Don’t See About My Life with Post-Polio Syndrome,” The Mighty, June, 2018.

“The Wild Handicapper in Yosemite,” Ability Magazine, Huntington Beach, CA, Feb/Mar 2016. Article also mentioned in Post-Polio Health International Polio Place:

“Conquering Mysterious Foot Pain” Post-Polio Health International Newsletter,  (requires Adobe Acrobat 8 or later to open archived pdf) St. Louis, MO, August, 2012.

“A Love Letter to You,” Toward the One, A Journal of Unity, Eugene, OR, Spring, 2004.

“Allen Family Saga,” a family history treatise for the Wexford Town Library, Wexford, Ireland, Self-published, 2002.

Procedural instructions and manuals (as a self-employed accountant) for various businesses, Self-published for private use under Francine Allen, 1975-2007.


“Love Swing,” a song on the Sufi Choir “Kabir” album, under Sabzpari Francine Allen, Cold Mountain Music, 1983.

“Figures”, under Francine Allen, poem in Marsha’s Kitchen Compendium, Marsha Calhoun, Expressive Arts Department, Sonoma State College, 1978.

“Inventory Procedures,” under Francine Allen, Sonoma County Department of Public Works, Santa Rosa, CA, November, 1977.