No Spring Chicken

Stories and Advice from a Wild Handicapper on Aging and Disability

As we age, we all begin to have physical difficulties to contend with.

In No Spring Chicken, Francine Falk-Allen―a polio survivor who knows a thing or two about living with a disability―offers her own take on how to navigate the complications aging brings with equanimity (and a sense of humor). The handbook is divided into three sections: Part I is a jaunt through accessible travel pleasures and pitfalls in several parts of the world; Part II addresses the adaptation people who love a handicapped or aging person could make in order to have a lighter, more mutually rewarding relationship with him or her, as well as advice for physically challenged and aging persons themselves regarding self-care, exercise, pain management, healthcare, and more; and Part III discusses the challenges, rewards and logistics of engaging with groups of people who share similar issues.

Accessible and wryly funny, No Spring Chicken is a fun and informative guide to living your best and longest life―whatever your physical challenges, and whatever your age.

COMING JUNE 29, 2021
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Praise for No Spring Chicken

Pull out your travel pants and let Francine take you on a globe-trotting tour of her favorite destinations and the best ways to navigate them, especially… [with a] handicap. After her travel section, she shares her resilient experience finding incredible resources and tools to maximize quality of life with a winning attitude. Highly readable and very informative.

Kathryn E. Johnson, Retired CEO, American Hospital Association’s Health Forum

Francine Falk-Allen has packed No Spring Chicken with useful information, inspiring personal stories, and laugh-out-loud moments. Whether you’re facing physical challenges of aging or a disability at any time, you’ll find many practical tips for making daily life and traveling to virtually any place in the world easier. I’m glad to have this resource to recommend to my therapy clients and others.

Marcia Naomi Berger, LCSW, author of Marriage Minded: An A to Z Dating Guide for Lasting Love and Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love

No Spring Chicken is like having your own personal guide at the Aging or Disability Theme Park, so you get the most out of all the rides! Part travelogue, part owner’s manual for aging or disabled people and those who love them, it’s a delightful guide to living your best life. Falk-Allen knows the terrain, has walked the path, and shares her wisdom with optimism and resilience.

Mary E. Plouffe, Ph.D., author of I Know It in My Heart: Walking through Grief with a Child

No Spring Chicken manages to be inspiring, heartwarming and informational all at once, with a charming irreverence that makes it a delightful read. Partly a book on travel, particularly for those who experience mobility or other challenges, it’s also a book that inspires curiosity, tenacity and adventure no matter one’s physical abilities or age. With compassion, humor and just the right amount of sass, Francine Falk-Allen encourages us all to explore, be kind to ourselves, ask for what we need, and have some fun.

Betsy Graziani Fasbinder, writing and speech coach and author of Filling Her Shoes and From Page to Stage

Move over, Rick Steves, Francine Falk-Allen has condensed a life of travel from her living room to Paris, Egypt, and across the street into a smart, simple how-to for navigating any terrain. If you are aging or have loved ones who are unable to navigate the world as they once did, you will find this book extremely helpful; it’s laced with lots of common sense and humor. Her chapter on the importance of incorporating gentle Yoga into your daily regime is powerful and achievable. Add three deep belly breaths and get started.

Amy Peele, certified Chopra Yoga instructor specializing in chair yoga, and author of Match: a Medical Murder Mystery and Cut: A Medical Murder Mystery